Nursing Home Neglect

The opportunity to grow old with dignity and be treated in a manner that is respectful, attentive and nurturing is a fundamental right in our society.

Unfortunately, the statistics demonstrate that far too many of our seniors are subjected to physical, verbal and sexual abuse and neglect at the facilities that we trust to care for them.

Many of our loved ones are forced into nursing homes due to the fact that they suffer from serious conditions that have rendered them wheelchair-bound or bed-bound. They may also be cognitively or physically diminished due to their unfortunate health diagnosis. We expect that the facility where they reside will provide them with trusted care that is commensurate with the industry standard. While that may be your expectation, sometimes the reality is different because there are more than 2 million cases of elder abuse reported annually.

If you have a loved one who is the victim of nursing home neglect, please call the Law Office of Sandy Steeves at 410.847.7529 for an initial consultation. Victims of nursing home neglect may be entitled to economic damages for physical or emotional suffering, as well as past and future medical expenses.