Collaborative Law

There is perhaps no more stressful reason to seek legal counsel than issues pertaining to family law matters such as divorces and child custody.

Sandy Steeves will work with you to identify your goals and objectives and stand beside you at every turn in your case. Sandy firmly believes that each case is unique and each client is his or her own individual that requires a personalized plan of action. Choosing a family law lawyer may be the most important decision of your life because your lawyer is going to have some impact on the type of relationship you ultimately have with your children.

At the initial consultation, Sandy will meet with you personally and go through an extensive evaluation that will allow you to identify the conflicts at issue and spell out your expectations. He will also define important legal concepts and give you the knowledge that you need to consider how you want to move forward.

There are very few family lawyers in the State of Maryland that have Sandy’s trial experience in a courtroom. As a former Assistant State’s Attorney, he has significant jury trial experience. While all family law matters are tried in front of a judge and not a jury, Sandy employs the same trial tactics that are used to persuade jurors when he argues family law cases. He condenses large amounts of information into an easy-to-understand format and will use visual aids to convey his client’s position. He is well-versed in handling cases that involve complex financial matters and asset distribution.

The key to any successful outcome in family law is preparation. When you are searching for a family law attorney, do not be afraid to ask how that lawyer will prepare you for trial. It is your lawyer’s responsibility to meet with you prior to depositions and court proceedings and ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible.

While Sandy is an aggressive trial attorney, he believes that common sense is the most important trait of a good family law practitioner. The best lawyers fight behind the scenes to keep their clients out of the courtroom and work to secure favorable settlements using alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and parent coordinators. Sandy has been trained in the collaborative law process and will dispense sound advice to settle your case where possible.

Please call the Law Office of Sandy Steeves at 410.847.7529 to set up an initial consultation.

*There is a $300.00 consultation fee for family law cases that is due at the first meeting.