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Former Assistant State’s Attorney

Experience and sophistication of a large firm with the individualized compassion of a small firm that leads to premium service for the client.

“Mr. Steeves’s commitment to my case far exceeded my expectations.” – M.B.

Former Assistant State’s Attorney Sandy Steeves is ready to fight for you! When you are charged with a criminal offense or serious traffic offense like a DUI, you cannot navigate the system alone. You need an experienced trial attorney who has been a prosecutor and understands the court room dynamic. Your attorney should be your partner in this process helping you consider all of your options to make an informed decision.

When you are facing a crisis that involves the future of your marriage or the future relationship with your children, it is imperative that you have a strong advocate who will strive to ensure that your voice is heard. Sandy Steeves uses a common sense approach to family law to resolve disputes in an amicable fashion. He has a vast amount of trial experience to achieve successful results in the courtroom where settlement is not a possibility.

When someone files a protective order against you, the window of time is very small before you could be forced out of your home and ordered to have limited contact with your children. You cannot go into court alone when the stakes are so high. Many top lawyers refer their protective order matters  to the Law Office of Sandy Steeves, LLC because we handle a large amount of these cases throughout the State of Maryland.

When you are injured in an automobile accident or another type of accident due to the negligence of another person, your only job should be to get better and nurse yourself back to health. Contact the Law Office of Sandy Steeves, LLC, to handle getting you the just compensation that you deserve. It is very important that you retain an attorney after you are injured and before you speak to the insurance companies.

If you have a loved one who is the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, call the Law Office of Sandy Steeves, LLC for a consultation. Our senior citizens deserve to be treated with dignity and respect so they can enjoy their golden years. It is imperative that the facilities that are entrusted with their care are held to the highest standards. When these facilities fall short of what is required by Maryland law, you need competent legal representation to get justice for the victim.

The Law Office of Sandy Steeves, LLC is committed to defending the rights of patients and ensuring that they receive just compensation when harmed by a medical negligence. We will evaluate your case to determine if the treatment provider breached the standard of care and caused serious injury or death for our client. If our firm believes that the care provider’s negligence proximately caused the patient’ injury or death then we will fight for just compensation.

A. Sandy Steeves

Attorney At Law

After nearly six years as a prosecutor that included a substantial number of successful jury verdicts, Sandy left the State’s Attorney’s Office to begin a career in private practice. This endeavor allows him to continue to fight for clients in not just criminal, but also family law cases and civil cases.

Sandy’s comprehensive trial experience and critical thinking yield successful results for clients. He knows how to take complex information and turn it into winning arguments in front of judges and juries. Sandy is not intimidated to go to battle with big insurance companies to fight for his clients to make sure that they are compensated when injured by someone else’s negligence.

Sandy firmly believes that the fabric of our society is only as a strong as the opportunities and protections that we afford to our most vulnerable citizens. He worked to fight for justice for victims of crime as a prosecutor, and now he spends his career securing the same fair and just results for his clients.

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